Sing it, Say it to Congressman Garrett

Eleanor Goldfield Report Back

Date – Monday, March 23rd 2015
Time – 1:oo PM
Location – Congressman Scott Garrett’s office
City – Newton, NJ

Hello my name is Wendie Goetz. My friends Erin Shroll, and Susan Williams and I have opened a conversation with Congressman Scott Garrett’s office. We have had 2 meetings, February 23 and March 4, already concerning TPA, and Trade Negotiations with the Director of his staff, Robert Petet.
In our second meeting Kenneth Collins joined the conversation.
We anticipate another meeting in early April.
To extend our call, in March Kenneth Collins, Erin and I formed “The Friendly Neighbors”, a rural hobo flash mob mainly singing and sharing poetry to senior citizens where Garrett’s office does outreach.
I loved hearing of similar actions happening everywhere. We anticipate continuing these actions these next two months.

Erin and I are also planning a Food Matters March in Worldwide solidarity with March Against Monsanto on May 23, 2015. We have selected the same type of contingency parade as the Climate March in NYC, the TPP is actually our last one. We wil be developing that contingency and it’s campaign and flyers forward in the next 8 weeks. I will send more info to you in the next 2.
Thank you. Thought to share.
In solidarity.

NO FAST TRACK, TPA or Trade Threats.

Wendie Goetz

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Eleanor GoldfieldSing it, Say it to Congressman Garrett