Bellingham – Light Brigade No Fast Track/No TPP!

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Date – Friday, March 6th 2015 Time – 6:30 PM Location – Bellingham Towers City – Bellingham, WA Meet in the parking lot at The Bellingham Towers @ 6:30 on 3/7/15. (downtown art walk) We will shine a light on Rick Larsen’s office telling him and others to reject Fast Track. We will hand out flyers to folks that are out …

Eleanor GoldfieldBellingham – Light Brigade No Fast Track/No TPP!

No Fast Track & No TPP!

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On Friday, February 13th, members of Occupy Bellingham took to the streets during a weekly Peace and Justice vigil to flier and banner against the TPP! Debbie Cantrell organized the event which brought about 25 people out, not to mention passersby who got fliers and a glimpse of the “Tell Congress NO FAST TRACK NO TPP” banner! Photo and action …

Eleanor GoldfieldNo Fast Track & No TPP!

Bellingham – TPP Bannering

Eleanor Goldfield Local Actions, News

Date – Friday, February 13, 2015 Time – 4:00 PM Location – Bellingham Federal Building City – Bellingham, WA Bannering and handing out leaflets asking folks to let Congress know that NO Fast Track is acceptable! Contact Debbie Cantrell to join the action & get more information Email Debbie Here

Eleanor GoldfieldBellingham – TPP Bannering