Sample Actions

Across the country We the People are showing our Rolling Rebellion in a myriad of artful ways. Recreate one of our sample actions below, or let your creativity be your guide and help build a wave of artful rebellion to end oligarchic rule.


Dramatic Reading Of The Declaration of Independence

No other document sums up America’s revolutionary spirit like our Declaration of Independence.

Dress in faux-period town-crier costumes and stage a reading of the declaration of independence. To make it more interactive have a costume or puppet representing “Corporate Persons” or “Billionaire Super-PACs” and stage some street theater declaring your independence from them. Audience members could take part in the show by helping to overthrow the oligarchs (nonviolently of course!).

The Rescue of Lady Liberty Street Theater

The plight of Lady Liberty – captured and held hostage by “Corporate Persons” or “The Monster of Money In Politics” makes a wonderful morality play with many opportunities for artful visuals. Costumes, props or beautiful puppets could represent the characters. For added participation the villains could march or process with a trapped lady liberty until audience participants help to rescue her at the destination of your march.

Torch and Pitchfork Procession

We the People are rising up against the monsters of oligarchic rule, “corporate personhood” and money in politics!

Using simple materials like cardboard, mylar and dowels you can create beautiful prop torches and pitchforks. Stage a march to your City Hall, Federal Building, or some other symbolic location. Add some villains running from the front of your march for a powerful, fun visual.


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