Corporate Personhood: Action-In-A-Box Toolkit

Personhood Action Toolkit (DRAFT)

Backbone Campaign in collaboration with
and others to amend the Constitution to make clear that corporation are not persons, and have no claim to the inalienable rights meant for human beings. To assist and encourage effective grassroots efforts around the country we are assembling this Action-in-a-Box
to help make local efforts fun and effective.

These tools come from a variety of sources besides the Backbone
Campaign and we will attempt to give credit to their creators whenever possible.

Invite some friends
together for a potluck/image making party. Enjoy an evening of wine,
cheese, beer and pizza, make your costumes, banner, and plan an Corporations Are Not People action. Backbone Campaign has a House
Party Guide
that may be helpful as well.

We hope this sounds fun and easy enough. Let us know if you give it a try!

For Sale Sign - click for 11x8 inch version
Cartoon by Bill Jarcho
Cartoon by Bill Jarcho
Nike Corp. Person Costume from Jan Edwards and Leon Schneiderman

Not Equal Symbol

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