Seattle Joins The Rebellion!

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On Sunday, Activists with WAmend, Washington State’s Move to Amend Group, and the Backbone Campaign took to the streets and parks of Seattle in an artful show of Rebellion against the corporate control of our Democracy.

A band played as activists processed through a sunny Greenlake park with a giant “Lady Liberty Puppet”. But at the park things took a turn when Lady Liberty was captured by Corporoctopus, a giant, eight-armed “corporate person”, held up by corrupt judges! Luckily the Move To Amend superhero volunteers were on the scene to rescue Lady Liberty on behalf of “Real Democracy”!

For the past several months WAmend has been working to get a question on the november ballot directing Washington’s Congressional Delegation to support a constitutional amendment clarifying that corporations are not people, money is not free speech, and political donations should be limited. While the question won’t go to voters this year, WAmend was able to collect 171,667 signatures with limited funding and a team of about 2000 volunteers – a fact that should be a clarion call for the Democracy Movement in Washington.

At Sunday’s event, WAmend volunteers took a minute to relax, celebrate and plan out their next steps. A creative joyous celebration of an artful revolution against corporate rule.

Check out a great video of the action here, and photos below:

AdminSeattle Joins The Rebellion!