Chicago – Rally against Fast Track

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Date – Monday, February 16, 2015 Time – 3:00 PM Location – 1057 West Belmont Avenue City – Chicago, IL Rally outside of Congressman Quigley’s office. Protestors occupied Quigley’s office with brightly colored signs in favor of Fair Trade and against a Corporate takeover via TPP.  

Eleanor GoldfieldChicago – Rally against Fast Track

Los Angeles – Fox Studios projection

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Date – Sunday, February 22nd 2015 Time – 6:30 PM Location – Fox Studios City – Los Angeles, CA On Oscar night, Occupy Venice decided to take the message of systemic change to the walls of Fox Studios in LA. Projecting messages “Indict the System,” “#NetNeutralityNow” and “Black Lives Matter,” OV sent a powerful message onto the walls of the …

Eleanor GoldfieldLos Angeles – Fox Studios projection

No Fast Track & No TPP!

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On Friday, February 13th, members of Occupy Bellingham took to the streets during a weekly Peace and Justice vigil to flier and banner against the TPP! Debbie Cantrell organized the event which brought about 25 people out, not to mention passersby who got fliers and a glimpse of the “Tell Congress NO FAST TRACK NO TPP” banner! Photo and action …

Eleanor GoldfieldNo Fast Track & No TPP!

Overpass Light Brigade: STOPFASTTRACK.COM

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Date – Thursday, February 19, 2015 Time – 5:45 PM Location – Clairemont Drive overpass of Interstate 5 City – San Diego, CA See more: Facebook Event San Diego labor and social justice advocates with Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego out near the districts of Congresspersons who are either considering or are definitely in favor of Fast Track legislation which …

AdminOverpass Light Brigade: STOPFASTTRACK.COM

Central Kentucky Marches For Real Democracy

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Yesterday members of Central Kentucky Move To Amend marched from the iconic estate of Henry Clay to the home of Mary Todd Lincoln to reclaim the promise of Real Democracy. Along the route activists stopped to read sections of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to pedestrians in downtown Lexington. Yesterday’s march was inspired by the New Hampshire Rebellion, …

AdminCentral Kentucky Marches For Real Democracy

Flush A Politician In San Diego

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San Diego has been flushing the corruption out of politics. Recognizing how Money In Politics corrupts both political parties, Artful Activism San Diego created their “Flush A Politician” Booth – designed to flush the money out of our politics. “Flush a Politician” went on a city-wide tour culminating in a large rally at Balboa Park this past Saturday. The booth sparked …

AdminFlush A Politician In San Diego

Denver Rebels With Torches and Pitchforks!

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When Corporate “Persons” used stolen light panels to broadcast the message “Money = Speech” from the Colorado capitol, activists in Denver knew what to do. Members of the Dener Light Brigade grabbed their LED torches and pitchforks and drove the Corporate persons out of the capitol! As the chase and subsequent street theater circled the Capitol Denver Light Brigade educated …

AdminDenver Rebels With Torches and Pitchforks!

Seattle Shines A Light For Rebellion

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It’s not the Bat Signal – it’s the Rolling Rebellion For Real Democracy! This weekend, activists in Seattle used light projection by the side of the busy I-5 expressway to get a message out about reclaiming Real Democracy. Taking advantage of a beautiful night their message stayed up for hours and was seen by hundreds of motorists and pedestrians. Guerilla …

AdminSeattle Shines A Light For Rebellion

Rebellion at the Wisconsin State Capitol

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On Monday, Activists with Overpass Light Brigade and Move To Amend brought our message of “Real Democracy” to the Wisconsin State Capitol. Using light boards and a projector they demanded an end to ‘pay to play’ politics in Wisconsin and around the country – much to the chagrin of the Capitol Police. You can read a blog post about their …

AdminRebellion at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Venice Beach Joins The Rebel Alliance

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There’s a new force for good in the galaxy. Last Friday members of Occupy Venice Beach joined the Venice Fourth of July Parade as “The Rebel Alliance”. With a creative, Star Wars themed float they marched against militarism, the criminalization of homelessness and the corrupting influence of money in politics. May the Force Be With You, Occupy Venice. And if you’re …

AdminVenice Beach Joins The Rebel Alliance