Mackinaw City projections!

Eleanor Goldfield Report Back

Date – Sunday March 8th, 2015 Time – Dusk Location – Mackinaw City, MI – way up north! Found some nice spots to have the bridge in the shot, went out and dusk, and blasted the gobo! Action put on by Amanda Robinson ( Photographs by Dylon’s Hot Photography

Eleanor GoldfieldMackinaw City projections!

Bellingham – Light Brigade No Fast Track/No TPP!

Eleanor Goldfield Local Actions, News

Date – Friday, March 6th 2015 Time – 6:30 PM Location – Bellingham Towers City – Bellingham, WA Meet in the parking lot at The Bellingham Towers @ 6:30 on 3/7/15. (downtown art walk) We will shine a light on Rick Larsen’s office telling him and others to reject Fast Track. We will hand out flyers to folks that are out …

Eleanor GoldfieldBellingham – Light Brigade No Fast Track/No TPP!